Name: LIANGHAO Position: 2/O Certificate Level: Ocean First-class English ability: General
Major: Navigation Native place: HENAN Birthday: 1989-10-15 Height: 171CM
Weight: 65 Blood type: O Shoes size: 40 Graduation school: WeiFang Tongda Nautical Academy
Education: TECHNICAL SECONDARY SCHOOL Insur: Social insurance,Medical insurance

1Application intention

Application position Ship type Air route Tonnage of ship Wages
2/O Bulk Carrier,General Cargo Ship S.E. Asia,World Wide More than 3000 2500
Other requirements
My name is LIANGHAO,I was born in 1989,now I am near 30 years old,I am married and I have a son。Since 2010 I gratituded from WEIFANG TONGDA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL till now I have worked for 5 ships and I have worked as 2/O for 2 ships。I have experience on general cargo ship & bulk carrier。My last ship is an oceangoing vessel,GT over 9000,trading area is southeastern asia。 I am an open person,I can get along with people who I worked with,my oral and written English can help me handle my job well。Last few years I served on multy-nation ship and I can communicated with them in english pretty good。I am able to handle the PSC,internal and external audit and flag inspection in english。


Certificate name Period of validity Certificate name Period of validity Certificate name Period of validity
Medical CertificationSeaman's BookBasic Training(Z01)
Security Awareness Training (Z07)GMDSS CertificatePassport
Seaman's Record BookProficiency in Survival Craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats(Z02)Training In Advanced Fire Fighting(Z04)
Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (Z08)Competency Certificate

3Sailing qualification

Ship name Occupation on board Date in board Off time Ship type/Gross ton Me type/Horsepower Air route Company name
ship's position
2/O 2018-11-10 2019-09-06 Bulk Carrier/9593 B&W/ S.E. Asia DALIAN BAOSHENG
ship's position
2/O 2017-11-28 2018-09-01 General Cargo Ship/2950 M.A.N./ S.E. Asia DALIAN EASTSHIPPING
ship's position
3/O 2014-06-22 2015-02-07 General Cargo Ship/2978 M.A.N./ S.E. Asia DALIAN BAOSHENG
ship's position
3/O 2013-04-12 2014-04-26 General/2982 DALIAN DIESEL/ S.E. Asia DALIAN EASTSHIPPING

4Contact information

Phone Standby phone Email QQ Address

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